Hinau Straight Reconstruction

Client: Kiwi Rail

Description: Kiwi Rail engaged MBD Contracting to undertake the rehabilitation of the Hinau Straight on the Stillwater-Ngakawau Line (SNL), West Coast.
The rail formation in this section had a series of compounding structural and hydraulic issues which due to repeated dynamic loading had resulted in severe mud spots. Construction works were completed during the planned line shutdown over the 2022-2023 Christmas/New Year period.
Site works involved the removal of 700m of rail track, excavation of 1.05m of the soft subgrade material, preparation of the subgrade surface, placement of 3 layers of Geogrid, geotextile and structural fill followed by a layer of sub-ballast AP40 fill material, placement of railway ballast, reinstatement of the railway track and general site restoration.