MBD are Kiwi Rail’s preferred Rail Fleetsupplier for specialist hi-rail plant and civil equipment on the West Coast and have been since 2007. We are fully committed to Kiwi Rail, building and maintaining an excellent track record and becoming highly respected in the industry. During this relationship with Kiwi Rail, we have been involved with all routine aspects of maintenance work including re-sleepering, re-railing, assembling and installing turnouts, mudspots, EM80 faults, cleaning out drains, dock and drifting, transposing rail, track tamping, vegetation clearance and culvert installation.

We have always made ourselves available for emergency works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to supply the necessary people, plant, equipment and practical solutions to problems that are threatening or have closed the rail corridor. This includes slips, washouts, derailments, heat buckles and rock protection for track stabilisation to reinstate the operation of the rail corridor.

Our supervisors and staff are trained to work within the live rail corridor. They hold Track Protection Advanced and Track Protection Intermediate certifications which allow them to place protection and work on track unsupervised. We have our own radio call sign  which enables us to apply for, set up and operate our own work sites within the rail environment.

All of our hi-rail machines and vehicles are certified by Kiwi Rail to operate on the rail corridor. Machines are equipped with all the required safety equipment, fire suppression equipment as well as being fitted with train control radios. These allow the operators to maintain contact with train control and can be immediately advised of any changes on track.
We have designed and built specialised equipment and machine attachments to assist with daily maintenance works on the rail corridor. These include squeezers to lift and place railway sleepers, tampers to vibrate ballast under sleepers, a mower to clear bush and grass from beside the track, an undercutter to cut under the track formation to remove mudspots and a hi-railed dump truck used to cart materials and equipment within the rail corridor. All of the equipment has been designed and built to Railways specifications and certified by their engineers as well as by an approved independent engineer before entering the rail corridor.