Client: Kiwi Rail

Description: Kiwi Rail engaged MBD Contracting to undertake the rehabilitation of the Hinau Straight on the Stillwater-Ngakawau Line (SNL), West Coast.
The rail formation in this section had a series of compounding structural and hydraulic issues which due to repeated dynamic loading had resulted in severe mud spots. Construction works were completed during the planned line shutdown over the 2022-2023 Christmas/New Year period.
Site works involved the removal of 700m of rail track, excavation of 1.05m of the soft subgrade material, preparation of the subgrade surface, placement of 3 layers of Geogrid, geotextile and structural fill followed by a layer of sub-ballast AP40 fill material, placement of railway ballast, reinstatement of the railway track and general site restoration.

Client: Fulton Hogan Ltd / KiwiRail

Contract Period: April – August 2021

Description: MBD’s involvement in this project is for the supply, cartage and placement of gravel and graded rock on the banks of the Grey River. This is to stabilise a hillside that has traversed KiwiRail’s Midland Line, which has been susceptible to subsidence.

Contract: GDC 2019-20-17

Client: Grey District Council

Contract Period: January – February 2020

Description: This contract involves excavation of topsoil to form the laneways followed by backfilling and compaction of the extracted laneways with gravels.
Additional works include installing soak pits, sumps, fences and entrance gates.

Contract: View Hill Quarry Management and Operation

Client: Environment Canterbury Regional Council

Contract Period: 2010 – 2023

Description: The contract was for the management and operations of View Hill Quarry comprising of the extraction, sorting, grading and stockpiling of rock as required at various times throughout the duration of the 13 year period, producing and stockpiling over 400,000 tonnes. This rock is being used for river protection associated with the capital and maintenance works primarily on the Waimakariri River as well as other rivers and streams in the wider region.

Contract: Drilling, Blasting, Stockpiling and De-rubbling of West Coast Regional Council Quarries

Client: West Coast Regional Council

Contract Period: July 2015 – November 2022

Description: This contract was for the drilling and blasting at the council quarries as and when required in order to maintain stockpiles of armour grade rock at each quarry to be used for maintenance and capital works.
Throughout the 7 year duration, the quarry crews produced over 80,000 tonnes of rock into stockpile at the 5 nominated West Coast Council quarries – Kiwi Point, Camelback, Inchbonnie, Okuru and Whataroa.

MBD Contracting has undertaken work for Environment Canterbury Regional Council on the Waimakariri Flood Protection Project.
This work spanned over 10 years from 2010 – 2019 and saw us complete 11 portions of work that make up the overall project.

The purpose of the project is to reduce the risk of flooding in Christchurch City and in the Waimakariri and Selwyn districts.
The project work comprised of:
– upgrading 35km of existing primary stopbank
– construction of 25km of secondary stopbank
– 8km of rock armour placed along various parts of the Waimakariri River

Contract: NZTA 2018142 West Coast Bridge & Culvert Scour Protection Works

Client: New Zealand Transport Agency

Contract Period: May – August 2018

Description: This contract is to undertake scour protection works at various culvert and bridge sites along State Highway 6, State Highway 7 and State Highway 73. The works involve the supply and placement of rock rip rap, clearing and removal of debris and reinstatement of each site after completion of the works.


Contract: 2017-18-31 Cobden Dump Sea Protection Wall

Client: Grey District Council

Contract Period: February – October 2018

Description: This contract is the result of damage caused by Cyclone Fehi that hit the West Coast in January 2018.
The work is to be completed into three stages:
Stage 1: Clean up after the storm, gather and bury rubbish and cover in the old Cobden landfill.
Stage 2: Supply, cart and place 26,500 tonnes of rock to reinstate the 330m of rock wall in front of the landfill.
Stage 3: Supply, cart and place another 35,000 tonnes of rock to further extend the rock wall 420m south around the Cobden breakwater.


Cobden seawall project explained

Contract: R2017/3 Punakaiki Rating District – Seawall Extension and Whitehorse Quarry Rock Removal

Client: West Coast Regional Council

Contract Period: October – December 2017

Description: This contract is to construct a 180m long rock faced seawall at Punakaiki with the rock supplied from the Whitehorse Quarry site.

Contract: Franz Josef Stopbank Rock Work

Client: Westland District Council

Contract Period: September – December 2017

Description: This contract is for the supply, cartage and placement of 30,000T of rock on the Waiho River in Franz Josef.  The rock will be used to construct a rock lining on 700m of newly formed stopbank and raising 200m of stopbank by 1m with river gravels and then placing rock to form a lining.