Waiuta and Alexander Mine Remediation

Contract: Waiuta and Alexander Mine Remediation

Client: Department of Conservation / EnviroNZ

Contract Period: August 2016 – March 2017

Description: This contract was completed in two stages with work being completed at the Waiuta Prohibition Roasting Plant site first followed by at the Alexander Gold Mine site. 

Construction of an encapsulation pit which was filled with low risk contaminated material. Barrels were filled with highly contaminated material from around the Roasting Plant and surrounding areas and packaged for transport off site. Site restoration involved backfilling all excavations to near original levels with mulloch gravel and washing down of hard stand areas. Care was needed also when working in an historic area with relics being removed prior to clean up and replaced at the conclusion of the remediation work.

Upgraded the existing access track to site. Construction of an encapsulation pit and assist with the installation of the pit lining materials. Remediation and decontamination of the Edwards Roaster and the surrounding area with the contaminated material carted and placed in the encapsulation pit. Capping of the encapsulation pit, installation of safety fencing and total site restoration.